This is a website about the SQR programming language and how best to use it. My name is Steven Alexander.  I have worked with SQR for over ten years in Peoplesoft HCM installations running with Oracle DBMS on UNIX file servers and Microsoft Windows client PCs.

There are places on the Internet where SQR programmers can ask for help with the challenges we face ( has a list of them).  Those forums are valuable resources for us all, but they don’t tap all the knowledge of their communities.  Their discussions are driven by problems and remedies, and rarely include peoples’ discoveries of SQR features or inventions of SQR algorithms.  Someone might have the most wonderful idea in the world and not share it because nobody knows to ask for it.

At this website, we will share language features and programming techniques that enhance the software we create.  I hope to post at least the equivalent of two 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages at the beginning of each week.  At that rate I think I’m good for at least six months before I begin blogging about the relative merits of “<>” versus “!=” for “not equals” comparisons.  (And believe me, I do have an opinion on the subject.)

This debut entry began as a much longer essay.  I started with some welcoming remarks, praised my favorite SQR features, and recounted the corporate history of SQR as I know it.  Then I read some advice that each entry should stick to a single topic.  So, I’m posting three entries today.  Usually I’ll write a longer, in-depth entry on a single topic.