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Month: December 2009

A Year Of Blogging

I decided to begin this blog at the end of 2008 and published the first three entries on January 3, 2009.  This is my 54th post, twelve months later. My Goals Unlike other report generation tools, SQR is a powerful and flexible...

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SQR Timeline 1999 – 2009

Last week we saw the origin of nine companies that owned or influenced the SQR programming language: Brio, D&N Systems, Hyperion, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Ray Ontko & Company, SQ Software, Sqribe, and Sybase.  We saw the...

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SQR Timeline 1984 – 1999

I wanted to write the history of SQR, but I can’t.  I’ve reviewed dozens of press releases, news articles, websites, state government documents, and SEC filings to create this timeline.  But that’s not a...

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