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Category: Commands

A Strange SQR Bug

In the ten years that I have been programming in SQR, I’ve found a few cases where the compiler is a bit more limited than the documentation implied.  However, I can only think of one example in which SQRW acted in a way...

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SQR Masks

It seems appropriate to talk about masks with Halloween coming.  More powerful than trick-or-treat facewear, SQR masks can format numbers, analyze dates, and precisely extract characters from strings.  Boo! Masks Appear In Many...

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SQR Functions

The SQR language has several families of built-in functions. They range from minor conveniences to potential life savers. There are some surprising inclusions and surprising omissions. I discuss some of the functions I wish we...

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Elements of SQR Style

Elements of Style is the famous book by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White.  First written in 1918, it is a guide to writing well in American English.  Anything good about the prose on this blog should be credited to Strunk...

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4 SQR Resolutions

It’s not New Year’s Eve, but I have some resolutions to use more of the rich features of SQR to write programs that are richly featured themselves. More Color My internal customers are so used to monochrome, monofont...

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An SQR Wish List

As much as I like SQR, I am reluctantly willing to admit that it is not perfect. Ray Ontko, one of the pioneers of SQR, listed his ideas for improvements on his company’s website. Here’s my wish list. Given the...

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SQR Dates

Numbers are probably the most important scalar objects of business applications, but dates may be a close second. Dates Are Harder Than Numbers Numbers are simple; they line up.  Commands manipulate them without units.  Dates...

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7 Uniquely SQR Bugs

Even the best programmer in my one-person cubicle makes mistakes. I’ve worked in several different languages, and made the same mistakes in many of them; out of bounds array index, dividing by zero, messing with Texas....

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