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Category: Practices

Batch User Interfaces

Even batch programs have user interfaces.  They start with actual or implied inputs (run control parameters in Peoplesoft).  They end with actual or implied outputs (reports, log files, Process Monitor messages).  We...

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Last week I paid tribute to Elements of Style. The lesson from that book that impressed me most was to simplify my prose; minimize adjectives and adverbs; replace clichéd phrases with single words; avoid passive voice and...

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Elements of SQR Style

Elements of Style is the famous book by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White.  First written in 1918, it is a guide to writing well in American English.  Anything good about the prose on this blog should be credited to Strunk...

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SQR Variable Roles

I’ve written about variables several times (notably in Bottom #Ten Worst Variable Names and SQR Without Literals), but a recent entry on a new blog gave me a new way to think about them. Psychology of Programming Mats...

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4 SQR Resolutions

It’s not New Year’s Eve, but I have some resolutions to use more of the rich features of SQR to write programs that are richly featured themselves. More Color My internal customers are so used to monochrome, monofont...

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7 Comments About Comments

Most people are more in favor of comments than they are in favor of writing comments. Most code doesn’t have enough comments, and the comments it has are often bad comments. Here are seven types of comments, listed from my...

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