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Category: Business

SQR Timeline 1999 – 2009

Last week we saw the origin of nine companies that owned or influenced the SQR programming language: Brio, D&N Systems, Hyperion, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Ray Ontko & Company, SQ Software, Sqribe, and Sybase.  We saw the...

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SQR Timeline 1984 – 1999

I wanted to write the history of SQR, but I can’t.  I’ve reviewed dozens of press releases, news articles, websites, state government documents, and SEC filings to create this timeline.  But that’s not a...

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SQR History

SQR has a lengthy history that resembles those pictures of a small fish being swallowed by a medium sized fish, which is being swallowed by a large fish. SQ Software created SQR in the mid 1980s and D & N Systems marketed...

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