Please come back on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 for an exciting announcement.

I have a new job. I gave notice last Friday and told my co-workers on Monday. I will miss my old employer; they’ve treated me well and given me interesting work. However, my new employer offers new challenges for me (technical challenges at work) and my family (we’re moving from one state to another). We’re all sad to be leaving our familiar and comfortable lives, but excited by the prospects for new experiences.

Unfortunately, this means goodbye for my blog. I have a lengthy list of urgent tasks; to transfer my responsibilities and knowledge to my current colleagues, to relocate across the country, and to come up to speed with my new employer. I’m starved for time and too distracted to continue to write for you. I can’t guarantee to never post another entry, but it seems most likely.

The Internet is littered with inactive blogs, and some observers scorn the authors who stop writing. That seems a little unfair. True, there are single entry blogs, but there are also blogs that are more or less complete. If I were to write a textbook on Peoplesoft and SQR, nobody would complain that it was finite. I think I’ve written just about everything I had to say. This blog was an adventure in self-expression and an effort to benefit my fellow Peoplesoft specialists. I have completed the first and I hope I’ve achieved the second.

Thank you for reading.