Please come back on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 for an exciting announcement.

I am changing jobs again, and changing careers.  I have spent the last 18 months working for a consulting firm, applying my PeopleSoft and SQR skills to support their clients.  It has been a fascinating experience and a great opportunity to learn a few more things about PeopleSoft.  I couldn’t share them with you because my employer sells knowledge and guarantees confidentiality.  It would be wrong for me to give it away.

I am making an enormous career change now.  I am about to open a store; an indoor playground for children between 3 months and 6 years old.  It’s not high technology, although I did develop my website with WordPress and my own customer relationship management system with Alpha 5.  It’s not the corporate world, although I’ve been working with accountants, lawyers, bankers, property managers, manufacturers, wholesalers , and service vendors.  It continues my passion to exercise my creativity and ingenuity as I earn my living.  PeopleSoft was and is an exciting discipline, but inventing a business is a broader challenge.  PeopleSoft has the technological variety – SQR, PeopleCode, PeopleTools, Application Engine, Component Interface, etc.  My company, Pee Wee Bees LLC, has drawn on my business school education in strategy, planning, project management, marketing, accounting, operations, and leadership.  I created Pee Wee Bees because my children are old enough now to be interested in how I earn a living, but too young to understand the profession of Information Technology.  I want to do something that they can share.

Please visit my new website and watch my creation develop.

Ironically, I hope to add to this blog occasionally even though I’ve left the PeopleSoft world.  Over the past year and one half, I’ve reflected on various technical issues and I have some matters to discuss.  I cannot supply code samples or exact object names any more because I have no access to a PeopleSoft environment.  However, there are some important things to say, even if I say them imprecisely.  Stay tuned.