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Author: Steven Alexander

How To Parse A Filename in SQR

Sometimes we have a fully qualified filename (drive letter, path, filename, and extension) and we need to parse it.  There are a few challenges to this: The same SQR source code needs to work under Windows, Unix, and maybe other...

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8 Special And Great SQR Features

There are many features of SQR that set it apart from other programming languages. 1. Easy, In-Line Integration With SQL The begin-execute, begin-select, and begin-sql commands support any SQL statement, using SQL syntax.  The...

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SQR History

SQR has a lengthy history that resembles those pictures of a small fish being swallowed by a medium sized fish, which is being swallowed by a large fish. SQ Software created SQR in the mid 1980s and D & N Systems marketed...

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